Japan travel blog (June 2013)

Took a very early morning flight on ANA to Narita.  How early?? Left Changi Airport at around 1 am.


Above picture is for information collecting for next trip.  Kiasu, ha ha.

The sotong in me was very excited when I saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse chocolate being sold in a vending machine that I must take a picture of it!!!


We had sometime at Haneda Airport before we took a domestic flight to Osaka, so we went food hunting. Tons of food but only one stomach!!!

IMG_0187 IMG_0197

In the end, settled for a bento from Lawson (similar to 7-11, but offers a lot more varieties of food, etc).  398 yen ($5.20 Singapore Dollars).  Cheap and taste good.


The above picture is a makan place right at the far end of the basement.  You slot in your money, press your choice and wait near the window for your food.  Your order is send automatically to the kitchen.  Cool.  Labour saving.  Only catch is that you eat your food standing up.


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